Milton Jones ‘Is Out There’ @ Dudley Town Hall – 29 September 2017

Milton Jones ‘Is Out There’ @ Dudley Town Hall – 29 September 2017
Posted by Gig Junkies on Friday Sep 29, 2017 Under Comedy
Review by Zyllah Moranne-Brown and photography by Ken Harrison.
The Borough Halls across Dudley continue with their excellent comedy line -up and tonight, this time at Dudley Town Hall ‘Milton Jones Is Out There.’ Tonight’s gig is pretty much sold out as nearly a 1,000 punters take to their seats in this historic civic building.

Tonight’s gig will be in three parts. The main man himself, preceded by warm up Chris Stokes, and prior to that – welcome ‘Great Britain!’ A walking map takes to the stage, Jones himself disguised as ‘Great Britain.’ So a take on the country and it’s position in the world, at times divided, Northern Ireland held out on a limb on a pole. “GB” puts down Northern Ireland as its time to “….put down arms that are in the air.” On the screen behind we get the “family” photos – the Commonwealth – the children. Jones deadpan, posh and intelligent quips run fast, as he takes on this green and pleasant land. Scotland – a conversation about leaving – “don’t go” is removable. Clever and witty observation take on the state of the country.

“Great Britain” departs and warm up for the night, Chris Stokes takes to the stage Once local, now London based, he tests the crowd. He mentions Rochdale – there is indeed one person her from the town. He loves the Black Country’s non-nonsense attitude and tests us out in his twenty minute set. Stokes was a comedian, then a van driver and now he’s a comedian again. Oh and a vegan, Check him out on his website for where you can catch him and he’ll be at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 with a new shiny show.
Quick break and now to the main entertainment of the night – Milton Jones. And indeed ‘Milton Jones is out there…’ as he takes to the stage, his hair wild and those Jamaican shirts. This tour takes the intelligent and clever Jones, and his puns and one liners to the max. Beautifully written his show flows, supported by a few props of a garden variety and screen. His deadpan comedy and witty one liners wrapped with clever puns and twist on words captures the audience.
His shirts come from a hermit who he travels miles to visit in the Himalayas, for him to order on the internet. Indeed he visits a number of hermits in far off lands for a variety of his needs, for them only to refer back to his friend the hermit in the Himalayas to order said items on the internet.

He tells us he has a new PR – Becky- to give him new and exciting opportunities and indeed she interjects with a phone conversation, in that usual upbeat PR voice, offering him the strangest opportunities. Milton Jones is changing the world – so he gets to talk about gardening, though he donesn’t have one. One woman in the audience is permanently in fits of hysterical laughter at his jokes.Jones interjects – “Do you need me here?” as her hysteria continues. Images on screen that make him feel angry and then two kittens paws, as his manager, Giles, has “pressed pause.”

And from the green wheelie bin comes a series of national flags, and he speaks their words. The EU blue, yellow starred flag to the Union Jack flag: “What did you do that for?” The Union Jack to the Welsh Flag: “Does your dragon have a tattoo of a girl?” Clever stuff.
Milton Jones is out there. One of a kind, his comedy is intelligent and funny. He’s on tour across the UK well into next year. Pop along and say hi. Him and Great Britain are well worth seeing.
Dudley Borough Halls (Dudley Stourbridge and Halesowen) have a rich list of comedy and so much more coming up. Look out for Matt Forde, Lee Nelson, Jethro, Jason Manford, Paul Chowdry, Katherine Ryan, David Baddeil and Joe Lycett,,,, Find out more by visiting and keep up on the latest news on social media – follow them on Facebook and Twitter @boroughhalls.