Lunar Festival Returns

Lunar Festival is returning in 2018 from 26th-29th July 2018

Lunar Returns!

After taking a break in 2017 to focus on becoming even better than before, Lunar Festival is returning in 2018 from 26th-29th July! We are planning to shake things up a little with some higher profile artists, awesome new venues, inspiring exhibitions, thoughtful installations, uplifting processions, plus much more whilst keeping true to the Lunar spirit of years gone by!

The Lunar Society

The name of Lunar Festival stems from The Lunar Society of Birmingham. This began in the eighteenth century with a group of extremely talented and intelligent men, led by Erasmus Darwin, who came together under the light of the Full Moon for lively dinner conversations. Their debates brought together Philosophy, Arts, Science and Commerce. As well as debating and discovering, the ‘Lunarticks’ also built canals and factories, managed world-class businesses and changed the face of Birmingham not to mention laying the foundations for the Industrial Revolution.

Today, The Lunar Society provides a platform for its membership to “influence change through stimulating ideas, broadening debate and catalysing action”. Taking inspiration from this, Lunar Festival will not only bring World-class artists to our stages, but encourage everyone to get involved in our workshops, talks and more. We hope that this will allow everyone to leave at the end of the weekend with a sense of having learnt something new or having been inspired to take action in a new way.

Lunar’s 7 Elements

To ensure this happens, we have introduced Lunar’s 7 Elements – Listen, Learn, Move, Create, Taste, Relax and Laugh – which all add up to an incredible festival experience. These elements cover everything that’s going on at Lunar from our line-up of bands and workshops to our food, bars, nightclubs and more. Each element has a dedicated page on the website to explain more about what each one entails. So go ahead and browse through them to understand what Lunar Festival 2018 is all about!

Check out Lunar Festival website for more details here: